Saturday, January 1, 2011

new blog

I created a new is the new address...


Friday, November 12, 2010

a work in progress...

Today is a good day. New friends, new opportunities, new ways to help someone in need, new experiences. A dear friend told me that life is too short not to be happy. That has stuck with me. I'm trying to apply that to my practical life. We'll see what happens:)
The kids are great. Ava is in 1st grade and making straight A's (she is smart like her mom. lol). She is in gymnastics, she is a spark at church on Wednesdays, she has a couple good friends, but is a lover of everyone. She is a peacemaker and natural born "mother" figure.
Jacob is in preschool at WC. He does well in preschool, but has some excess energy that needs to be released periodically. He has 4 best friends...Ethan, Brody, Jake M., and Karson. He can blend in a crowd of 500. Just goes with the flow wherever he is. He is obsessed with star wars and light sabers.
Ty is now almost 16 months. He is my little man. He is such a blessing. Right now he can say "meow", "mama" (not sure if he means mommy or mt dew...he loves both). He is a screamer. One would think he was a little girl the way he lets it out. He runs, climbs on furniture, plays on the stairs, sword fights his older brother and his mommy.
That's all for now...